Freedom Fry

Country has been taking a lot of shit from a lot of people for quite some time. Artists like Taylor Swift who fused country and pop sugared down the genre for many listeners while artists like Blake Shelton strictly followed the traditional around the campfire, easily rememberable lyrics monotones the genre. But let’s get real, country music is not that. Country music is a genre that was intended to flow with various voices and focus on plot-driven lyrics. Country is and was a lot more than what we now know of it.

Artists like the Civil Wars produced true Country music, creating a harmonious experience that flowed through the stories they were telling. Their beats differed, the tones, and obviously the stories they told varied, but it was all still country. Although the Civil Wars fell victim to their own name and split, there is another band trying to do the same. Their name is Freedom Fry.

The French and American couple have recently toured with Madewell and Stromae, sharing the harmonious and pattering music with youths, adults, and shopping seniors. There is no concepts or regulations inhibiting them when they write, there’s just them, trying to produce music that sounds good, that takes their audience on a journey, and being inspired by wherever life takes them. For instance, traveling cross-country with their spouse to sing music in Madewell stores.

Listen on Spotify and YouTube, because it won’t be long until Freedom Fry starts charging. 

Freedom Fry YouTube

I promise, it’s no Taylor Swift or Blake Shelton. It’s something just for you, what country was meant to be: to be listened and heard by one’s own experiences. A story where you’re the main character, where you feel good about your life or question your past decisions. There’s a harmony, there’s a beat, there’s emotion, and definitely some charisma, and it’s all out there for you. I highly recommend taking a listen. 

You actually might have already heard them if you’ve watched Love on Netflix. 

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