Freedom Fry

Country has been taking a lot of shit from a lot of people for quite some time. Artists like Taylor Swift who fused country and pop sugared down the genre for many listeners while artists like Blake Shelton strictly followed the traditional around the campfire, easily rememberable lyrics monotones the genre. But let’s get real, […]


Kyle Federline

Let’s talk about those early years, the beginning stages we all regret as time moves on. When you master the cat-eye, you take selfie after selfie, post on Instagram and snapchat and Facebook and twitter and Tumblr and tinder. Only to realize a couple years later, that wing did nothing to help your style. You […]


Simple Plan

Five musicians–Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Corneau, David Desrosiers, Sebastian Lefebrve, and Jeff Stinco–have turned in and out of each others lives for close to twenty years, like planets with a gravitation pull, a musical orbit. Since 1999, Simple Plan has been washing over the states from Montreal, Quebec. Simple Plan Website In three short years, Simple Plan […]