You Can’t Kill Us Tour (Icon For Hire)

If bands had mascots, Icon For Hire’s would be the phoenix.

In one year, the band left their record label, lost all of their possessions, a band member left, one required rehab, they were forced to file for bankruptcy, and amidst the tortures and horror rose Ariel and Shawn with a renewed sense of self. You Can’t Kill Us has become a battle anthem for audience members suffering through relationships, stress, or their own inner-demons. In one album, Ariel shuffles through inner-strength, being a female in the media, pushing through struggles, and battling a variety of problems.


Let’s get to the review part of this article. As such, let me proclaim the You Can’t Kill Us album and tour to be the revitalization of Icon For Hire in our obsessive hearts. Every single song is written with lyrics that are not only powerful, but beautiful. Ariel has a way with the words that border on witchcraft, you somehow become obsessed with her metaphors and symbols. There is an innate understanding with the emotions Ariel tries to express, bordering on experiencing such for yourself. While Shawn stands as a beacon of instrumental hope. Making it through rehab and coming back to throw notes as a fight with his guitar solos and methodical melodies is what wraps together everything that encompasses Icon For Hire and what we love about them.


For those of you that are unaware with Icon For Hire, here’s a quick need-to-know. This is Ariel, the female-front (listen to Now You Know) of Icon For Hire. She writes a majority, if not all, of the lyrics for the band. Her singing is, to my best description, a harmonious version of Joan Jett. She raps while still keeping her voice in a tonal and key check while being able to reach notes below and above the average. Ariel lives with synesthesia, so if your curious more about life and perception with such, she tries to chronicle some experiences for you on her YouTube page the REL show. A link for such below. She also offers candid conversations, lyrical videos, DIY for fashion customer, make-up, and more.

The REL Show YouTube Page

img_3141This is the instrumental beacon of hope I was mentioning before, Shawn. Although more soft-spoken than Ariel, very humble and responsive to fans. If you get a chance, experience Icon For Hire in concert. Fans are pulled up on stage to sing or rap the lyrics, Shawn throws his plucks to the audience, and the audience as a whole rushes at their chance to touch one of the artists while performing. But don’t fret, if you miss your chance they hang out after the show to meet every single poster-buying or lyric-screaming attendee that night.

img_3148Or you could purchase their new album, digitally or a CD from their website or on iTunes. However, Icon For Hire receives all of the profits if you purchase through their website instead of iTunes. The link to such will be below. Of their three other albums, You Can’t Kill Us, is by far the most concise, heart pounding, tear streaming album I have ever listened to. I highly recommend this album for everyone from the highlands to mermaids. You can’t help but fall in love with Icon For Hire.

Icon For Hire Website

Even if you don’t listen to Icon For Hire, always remember, You Can’t Kill Us.

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