We need to take a moment, We Are The In Crowd fans, they’re back and dare I say, better?

We’ve been kept in the dark about their whereabouts and current status for nearly two years, barely scraping by with rumors and speculations about projects they’re currently working on. But, it’s here, it’s finally happened, we have Sainte.

Sainte Facebook

Originally from We Are The In Crowd, Taylor Jardine, Cameron Hurley, and Mike Ferri have regrouped since their hiatus after debuting their third album, Weird Kids. As a result, we are given a band with more flexibility. Instead of sticking to their alternative rock roots, Sainte, leans more into the alternative music spectrum. A compilation of alternative pop with authentic instruments, their first single is reminiscent of early Marina days.

Technicolor on YouTube

“Technicolor” was released three weeks ago solely on YouTube. A couple of days later, Sainte had an artist page on Spotify set-up with “Technicolor” uploaded. One by one, they have ticked off every mainstream form of music listening, to the point of being listed in iTunes. When we’ll hear from them again, given another update, or another song is unforeseen. They’re living the musical life of no expectations and enjoying every unprecedented moment of it.

Are you as pleased with Sainte and “Technicolor” as I am?

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