Kyle Federline

Let’s talk about those early years, the beginning stages we all regret as time moves on. When you master the cat-eye, you take selfie after selfie, post on Instagram and snapchat and Facebook and twitter and Tumblr and tinder. Only to realize a couple years later, that wing did nothing to help your style. You can’t just erase those years of your life, well you can erase the proof of it, it doesn’t erase the shiver of embarrassment you feel when you think on those times.

But, you can’t just skip those times. The playing around with that eyeliner pencil is how you accidentally discover that special wing, the look that creates the best of you. You need those times, no matter how emotionally unnerving they are to think of, that people saw that, there a necessary step. Plus, it’s the proof for how far you’ve come.

For musicians, like authors, their public product is ever present in how far they’ve come. That’s a presence much more open to critique, embarrassment, and humiliation more than your old profile pictures can offer.

Kyle Federline is a young musician, in age and in the industry. From various towns within the States, Kyle has always been attracted to music, no matter his location or hobby at the time, music was always an integral role. Now, he stands as a young adult nearing his five year wedding anniversary, working on releasing his second EP, expecting his first child, and planning to return to school for a medical program.

Music became more than a pastime when it grew to be a solace during a depressing time in his life. “I had a lot going on all at once. It was overwhelming and I had no idea where to channel the thoughts going in my head. So writing the words onto paper I decided to change it into lyrics and make music which has helped tremendously,” Kyle commented. But now, his music comes from a happier place, “from however I’m feeling. Or what I see going on in the world.”

So what’s to come for this musician? Another EP to start, a child, a medical program, a practical ambition of creating music from home and releasing it online to the public. Musically, a lot of growth. The guitar chords are not as tight as they could be, working on transitioning between the chords and experimenting with strumming patterns would elevate his music further. To take that next step in the music industry and truly elevating the sound is to harness the power of the music. Controlling the vocals, learning exercises to create a purer and more defined sound.

What we should look for in the future, perhaps more collaborations, using the strengths of others and his own to build that complex sound of harmonies and rhythms. Maybe taking on a writing partner and other musician, I think two artists would bring interesting things to the table, lyrically, musically, idea wise, and editing wise.

Whatever Kyle Federline does, keep an eye on this blossoming artist, he’s one to watch for the future.

Kyle Federline YouTube Channel

“Just try to live life as positive as you can even when things get low at times. And stay rad.”

               ~ Kyle Federline

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