Kyle Federline

Let’s talk about those early years, the beginning stages we all regret as time moves on. When you master the cat-eye, you take selfie after selfie, post on Instagram and snapchat and Facebook and twitter and Tumblr and tinder. Only to realize a couple years later, that wing did nothing to help your style. You […]


“Lemonade” – Beyoncé Visual Album

Simply put, this is the most thorough album to date. Not just of Beyoncé’s, but of every art in mankind. Outrageous yet completely true. Lemonade – Visual Album (Full) There are Beyoncé fans, like me. And then there are die-hard-she-can-do-no-wrong-worship-the-ground-she-steps-on-and-words-she-speaks fans, unlike me. There are people who completely hate Beyoncé and audience members waiting for […]