Tonight Alive

Let’s take a step back in time for a moment, 2003, sweatpants were outing clothes, grease was as thick as the eyeliner, and the hairstyle was two shiny locks curled on each side of the face. Man, those were the days. The days I would like to forget. But something good did come out of it: Tonight Alive. A band formed in Sydney, Australia, Tonight Alive began working and practicing and writing music.

For 13 years, Jenna McDougall (lead vocalist), Jake Hardy (Guitarist), Whakaio (Guitarist and vocals), Cam Adler (Bassist), and Matt Best (Drums) have produced album after album of songs filled with love, hate, and confidence. Their newest album, Limitless, inspires courage in oneself, so I encourage anyone to go out, the perks of Spotify you don’t even have to buy it to listen to it, and at least listen to it. You have a variety of options to do so, listen on Spotify, go on YouTube, Google Play is even an option, too. Whatever strikes your fancy, take a listen, and let the vocal waves pour confidence into you, let the notes lighten your stance, and let the beat push you forward.

Tonight Alive YouTube Channel

Consider This and What are you so Scared of? in 2011, The Other Side in 2013, and Limitless just one week ago today. Within those years have been release after release of hit songs such as BreakdownThe OceanLonely GirlHuman Interaction, and The Edge featured in Spiderman 2 with Andrew Garfield. If you’re hungry for some quality rock music from a sturdy band, I suggest Tonight Alive, Tonight Alive, Tonight Alive.

Tonight Alive Facebook Page

Don’t you hate it when you find a band and they break up shortly after, so aggravating and pulls at the strings of your music heart. Tonight Alive is a sturdy group of musicians who banded together in their teenage years as a form of expression and have stood together through their young adult time.

Lucky enough for Atlanta, Tonight Alive is performing at the Masquerade tonight as a stop on their Fight for Something Tour. I saw the March 5th stop at Irving Plaza, New York City and was happily shoving around with the rest of the crowd during their performance, along with the Ready Set, Set if Off, and Say We Can Fly. I happily wear my tour tee too much for hygienic purposes but just enough for music appreciation expression. Tomorrow they will be performing in Orlando and two days after in Houston, Dallas, Mesa, and San Diego, San Bernardino, San Fransisco, and Sacramento. All through the states and finishing with Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. For full tour dates and locations, or even if you would like to buy tickets, you can check out their list linked below. Hopefully they’ll be performing in an area near to you.

Tonight Alive Tour Dates

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