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Up-and-coming and new has never applied so much to an artist before this moment. In 2013, Ansley Newman, Jake Rolland, William Stacey, Hogarth Hovarth had officially debuted as Jule Vera, an alternative band.

Originating from Opelika, Alabama, the band began working on getting their music out to the world and collecting an audience to share it with. You can find some of their music from their album Friendly Enemies on Soundcloud when they first began. They also have approximately four or five music videos released for their songs on YouTube, the real high level music video, Vevo style.

“Light the Night” Jule Vera

In 2014, Jule Vera won “Best Emerging Artist” in Summerfest, Milwaukee. Since then, their star has only been rising. On June 30th, 2015, Friendly Enemies was released for purchase. Shortly after, Jule Vera went on tour with Vinyl Theatre and Against the Current, further expanding their audience members and getting their sound to the far reaching states.

Having been at that concert and never heard of them before hearing them live, their music has a haunting quality to it, something possessive. The best way I can think to describe it is like taking the passion and quality from Phantom of the Opera and throwing it into an alternative band. You flow with the notes, they pull at you as the register rises and they push you as the register falls.

Now I’m obsessed with them. I have a limited edition vinyl of their album and two band shirts, I listen to their music all the time on Spotify. If you want a band to fall in love with now, I suggest falling in love with them, hurry before their star gets too large and tickets are more than twenty bucks a pop. If you’re interested in seeing them live, they will be touring through May in the United Kingdom.

Tour Dates

Perhaps if this site and article gets enough traffic, they’ll agree to an interview. If you’ve listened to them and now like them or liked them previously, why not list below your questions for them and lets try to make that happen!

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