Vinyl Theatre

Four years ago in Milwaukee, a boy band for millennials was born. Vinyl Theatre is an incumbent of Chris, Keegan, Josh, and Nick, four males with a passion for music and a flavor for Electronic Indie.

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The band began producing songs quickly. In 2013, a short year after forming in college, they released their first album, Gold. A high energy storytelling, is my personal description of their music. Not high energy in the annoying let-me-hit-you-with-a-bat-for-you-to-pass-out-and-silence-to-ensure way, more of a beat that gets your head bopping and lips pursing with the lyrics. In 2014, they released another album, Electrogram. A strong sequel to Gold, furthering their sound and showcasing their musical abilities and stories they chose to touch on. No album has been released in 2015 or 2016, as of yet. It seems their focus at the moment is on touring and producing music video for their already acclaimed, even if it is by a smaller audience, music from both albums.

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Later today, Vinyl Theatre will be performing in Portland, Oregon and then in California over the weekend. Phoenix, Dallas, and Austin on the horizon. If you’re interested in seeing them live, the link to their concerts is right below. Be wary though, they are not going to every state and have numerous concerts already sold out. They are currently riding around on the Ones to Watch Tour so you should be sure to watch out for their name under top chart songs.

Vinyl Theatre Tour Dates

I didn’t know of Vinyl Theatre before the Gravity Tour with Jule Vera headlining Against the Current. You could say, that tour was carefully created as a composition of musical styles that led into each other well, showcased one another well, and was similar to a good wine pairing. Everything just sounded right.

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