Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayer

Two characters that do not want to adhere to anything anyone says. Stubborn, smart, and right. Always right, but what if you don’t have proof, evidence of your innocent. Harriet Vane accused of murdering her former partner using Arsenic, which was coincidentally the topic of her next murder mystery book. Harriet stands tall, does not wimpier, of complain, and during the trial her strong demeanor catches the eye of Lord Peter Wimsey. Lord Peter Wimsey would be classified as a trust fund baby now of days, however in the 1950s, it was part of the norm to live off inheritance or familial allowances, however he has  a hobby in detective work. He believes Harriet’s innocence, and begins his work. You notice all of these little pieces of information being brought to your attention from the eyes of Lord Peter Wimsey, however you won’t figure out who really committed the crime, the reason for it, and how they accomplished it. There are various employments, and interactions with numerous suspects and aids in the detective work. You notice that similar to Harriet, Lord Peter Wimsey is head-strong, goes through the conversational informalities but doesn’t like them, and they both have a great sense of wit. Their wit clashing with one another throughout the book makes each turning page more interesting then the last. Other then the suspense of the guilty in the crime, the book is more interesting by the descriptions Strong Poison, Strong Wit, Strong Guilt, and Strong Detectives.

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