A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Barried within the depths of an Oxford library, Diana Bishop found something she thought she buried a long time ago. A part of her she feared, a part of her she misunderstood, and a part of her she could never fully get rid of. However, she never expected her life to hurdle towards her followed by an incredible adventure that might just finally get her to accept who she really is.

But, her acceptance is not as simple as many other peoples. She accepted her bad habits, her good habits, and parts of her family. Just not the traditions that come along with being a member of the infamous Bishop clan. She locked her powers away after her parent’s vicious and tragic death when she was a young child. Not even her crazy Bishop aunt or her partner–also a witch–could foresee what Diana’s fait. Not even Diana. The Diana from the beginning of the book will not be the same as the Diana you find in the end. Diana in the beginning is fearful, ignorant, lonely, and cowardly. Diana at the end is brave, knowledgable, strong, happy, fearsome, and even in a relationship that she would have never expected.

Throughout her journey of self-knowledge, she meets a few characters, or maybe more important. A few species. Diana may be a witch, but that is not the end of fantasy species. There are vampires, no Edward Cullens……..Thank God………but they are humans and strong. They also do not rely on blood to live, a little more practical of an idea to wrap one’s mind around. There are also daemons. Each daemon is different and advanced in their field, but collectively been known to be very creative. The one thing in common every character has, is their all searching for their origin and purpose.

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