City of Women by David R. Gillham

Germany is moving closer and closer, killing thousands of thousands of more, and every male of or above the age of 16 has been drafted. It’s the female reign in Germany outside of the military force. Sigrid Schroder is a german military officer’s wife who has taken up work in the country while the men are away. However, what would happen to a German military officer’s wife with compassion for a certain person belonging to the Jewish culture. What to do? Safety, Conscious, Love, Life, Happiness, Misery, THE CONFUSION!!! Endless unknowns, danger around every corner, What to do? For yourself, for others, for family, for society? The questions never far and the paths keep curving. Sigrid Schroder has a lot of thinking to do in a time for action, not just for men, but for women too.

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