Against the Current


Chrissy Constanza, Will Ferri, and Daniel Gow, are three musicians on their way to stardom.

This summer, us fans will be celebrating the five year anniversary of Against the Current and celebrating their success in the music industry. Beginning in the late summer of 2011, Against the Current began working, writing, practicing, until they were finally up to par for YouTube. When they released their first signal, Thinking, their name started to be passed around the YouTube community. Building friendships with other online artists such as Alex Goot and Kurt Hugo Schneider, the following for Against The Current’s channel and for the collaborated artists’ as well began to grow.

After releasing their first album, Infinity, went on tour with Alex Goot through Asia and Australia. Their tour began in August of 2014 and ended September of 2014. By October, they were back on tour, going through the states until late November. There touring for 2014 didn’t end there, they were back on tour in December traveling through the United Kingdom. In 2014, Against the Current went on three separate tours, building their name and getting their music out into the world, from the United States all the way to Asia. Continuous tours all around the world became a pattern for Against the Current, completing four separate tours in 2015 through close to half of the states within America, through Tokyo, through Germany, through South Korea, Taiwan and China, through the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand, to every country on the European front ending their tour year in Boston, Massachusetts at Brighton Music Hall on November 21st. A concert I had the pleasure of seeing.

I liked Against the Current before I saw the concert. But that concert I fell in love with Against the Current and the two bands they went on tour with, Vinyl Theatre and Jule Vera. Something that really amazed me was the faith and respect their audience has. One fan took the time to cut out hundreds of paper hearts with the phrase “We’re not hiding anymore,” written on them. A lyric from one of their newest singles, Outsiders. When they began playing it, we all held up our hearts, mine is still hanging on my wall. Chrissy took a moment, stopped and was amazed, honesty amazed, by what her fans did for the band. They took a photo from the stage with all of us holding up our hearts.

Something that separates Against the Current from other bands, is that they are not a band out to make it big or to be famous, but to make music. When someone fell over at the Brighton performance, the band stopped playing, alerted the crowd that the concert will be remaining idle until an ambulance gets here to help the person. So for ten to fifteen minutes we all stood idle waiting, they didn’t play, they made sure there was a clear path from the front door to the victim, and they waited until he or she was safely secured in the ambulance and on their way to the hospital before beginning to play again. How many bands do you know that would do that in the middle of their performance? Let alone, how many concerts have you been to when someone has fallen down or been injured and the performance wasn’t stopped, the ambulance or medical care had trouble getting to the patient? I’m assuming quite a few.

On May 20th, Against the Current will be releasing their newest album In Our Bones. This album is composed of 12 tracks and is available now for preorder on iTunes. If you can’t wait to hear some of their new songs, they just released the lyric video for their song Runaway from the album.

Runaway Lyric Video


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