Marina and the Diamonds

marina_and_the_diamonds_-_froot_albumFroot, Froot, Froot, Froot

I thought I would begin this new portion of this blog with a pretty recognizable artist, Marina and the Diamonds. The first time I heard about her a close friend of mine sent me one of her music videos, something she does very well. I wasn’t sure if I liked her sound at first. But her music has this incredible ability to grow on you no matter what stage of familiarity you are in.

Her voice is low and sultry, and she frickin’ looks like a real life Jessica Rabbit. It’s incredible.

Her music videos tell a real story as well. I never truly love her songs or even like them, until I see the music video and the story that goes with them. Then I am transported.

She began releasing the songs on her new album, Froot, on YouTube with boring videos. And I listened to them. Just as they were, and did not truly like them. After a couple of months, they’re real music videos came out, and now I like them. Now I get them.

I love Marina and the Diamonds, I love her new album Froot as well, but I believe her older albums had more of a spice to them.

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