Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra, my problematic fave.

My old school mafia uncle with a voice as clear and dark as dirt by the river. How could you not love Frank Sinatra?

If you don’t know who Frank Sinatra is, you are either a millennial or Patrick Star, either way, I suggest you fix that problem quickly. Frank Sinatra is the theme for New York City, for the 40s’ Musicals, for life in general.

I personally, being a collector of many of albums and CDs of Sinatra’s, and I personally like the composition of Sinatra’s best album. Although it was put together after Sinatra’s life, it contain’s his entire’s life’s best work on one CD. Hands down, it is the most played CD of my ridiculous collection.

Sinatra’s wise old voice is also a lovely thing to wake-up to, if you’re in the market for new morning music.

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