Lawrence at Terminal 5

Over three-thousand people stuffed themselves into Terminal 5 for Lawrence’s performance this past Saturday, December 4. Crowds were wrinkled like linen against barricades, balconies, and bars. As impressive as the turnout was, it was not all that surprising. Lawrence is a true New York band. Returning home for on their Hotel TV tour was equivalent to a season finale, guest stars included.

Clyde Lawrence

Lawrence jumpstarted their set with fan favorites such as, “It’s Not All About You,” and the tour’s namesake, “Hotel TV.” From there, the energy continued to bubble with nostalgic classics. The Hey Arnold theme song, for one, and “It’s Gonna Be Me,” by NSYNC both made appearances. Not only did the band play through most of their discography, holiday songs excluded, they conversed. Between themselves and the crowd, it was as though the genre-bending music was a language native to the venue for one day. And everyone inside was entirely fluent.

With roots in classic jazz and lyrics in pop, Lawrence has mastered the traditionalist movement of modern music. Since the 80s, humans have been experimenting with unnatural and technological sounds. Seeing the new heights and pitches one can create is a constant mission, Lawrence is a vast contradiction to that trend. And while sounds are still being created and mixed, there is a growing wave of fans who are audibly salivating at the crisp tone of instruments. While Lawrence isn’t the first band to find their sound in traditional music, they are the first to create thoroughly modern lyrics. From self-conscious empowerment to a feminist conversation between friends at brunch, their lyrics are powerful and adaptable. With or without Gracie’s powerful vocals, Lawrence’s lyrics could caption almost any Instagram post.

Perhaps that’s why so many partners and friend groups fought the claustrophobia to dance during the concert. If you missed your chance to see them this time around, don’t worry, Lawrence doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Until their next tour or album, whichever comes first, you can join the Lawrence community by entering their annual fan-wide Secret Santa here:

Lawrence Secret Santa

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