Emma Jayne’s Soundtrack

Emma Jayne is a musical smoothie of soulful vocals and pop beats, a blend of enticing R&B and traditional jazz. Jayne brings a grown-up air to those favorited songs from your childhood, such as “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton and “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles. Her sound is like, if those songs could finally drink and share the story of their life. There is a story for every listener and a sound for every fan within Jayne’s discography.

Such as those who are tired of living through history, because Jayne can sympathize. “It’s kinda weird being a musician right now. It’s weird. I think about nurses and I think about people who are organizers and activists, sometimes I can feel like musicians aren’t as necessary as them. But we provide the soundtrack for it all. I think that music is a huge release not only for me, but for listeners and for audiences and for bands. I think that my role right now is just to spread joy and relatability through music. We all have a role to play right now. I’m not vaccinating anybody or saving lives, but maybe I could through a song that makes someone feel more seen and less alone,” said Jayne.

Or, if you’re more enthused and spirited these days, then Jayne has a project for you. Although it has yet to be released, I’m enticed by her description. Jayne said, “I wrote one song that I’m working on currently about the young people I work with, not specifically them, but kinda young queer people. I’m queer. And I work for an organization that presents queer art workshops to queer youth, we’re called The Future Perfect Project, and I just really feel for young people, especially young queer people who so heavily rely on community, a lot of them aren’t getting that right now. So I wrote a song about that.”

Stay up-to-date with Emma Jayne on her website now: http://www.emmajaynesings.com/about

But if you can’t wait for that, Jayne released a new song this past January, “King Bed.” Jayne said, “People have been really digging it more than I thought they would, actually. Cause it is kinda a little less mainstream and a little weirder than some of my other songs and it’s about a fucking bed. I wasn’t sure if people would go for it. I knew that I liked it and the people I showed it to before I put it out liked it, but it’s been a great response.” As an obsessive listener to “King Bed,” I can vouch for the ‘weirder’ sound while also singing its praises.

Whether or not you’ve listened to “King Bed,” if you’ve listened to Jayne at all, she wanted to say, “Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Thank you! I can’t even believe that I have fans because I make music, made it originally as a release for myself going through anxiety and depression. It’s thanks to people who continue to listen and support my music and interact with me online and shows that encourage me to keep going and sharing. And if it weren’t for fans it would just kinda be a really lonely musical diary that was very one sided. Thanks to listeners, it’s something that I can share with other people. I’m really, really grateful for that.”

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