Astro Lasso

There are few people in the world that can eat, sleep, create, and repeat. Yet, two of them have found each other in the ensemble, Astro Lasso. Made up of Jordan Davis and Tristan Martin, the singer and drummer respectively, Astro Lasso has been on the scene since 2017. Prior to that, however, the duo was half of the four-part band, Kingsfoil. And even before that, Tristan was driving Jordan to band practice when they were adolescents. So, it’s safe to assume that they’re both rehearsed when it comes to working with one another.

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The guys even recounted some of their early experiences when producing music, “we would record all night… One of us would sleep for a couple hours while the other would record and then we would switch. We learned how to work together and write the best songs we possibly could. We’ve taken those years of experience and put them into our new songs as Astro Lasso. The writing and lyrics are often similar to those early all night sessions, but both of us have also grown a lot with what kind of music we want to make and ideas we want to share.”

Perhaps that’s one of their secrets to success. Since releasing their first EP in 2017, Astro Lasso has followed their initial wave with one single, another EP one year later, and more to come in 2019. For any of the avid music listeners out there, the wait for new music tends to be a long and tedious one. A continuous stream of new content is always the wish but very rarely the possibility. Except when it comes to these two, apparently.

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“We think the less time between writing/recording a song and releasing it the better. It helps us be more creative in a way… It’s exciting to finish a song and get great feedback from our fans! There is no secret, just lots and lots of work and countless hours. We are constantly writing/recording!” they said.

They have also named 2019 their year of singles.

According to Jordan, “We will be dropping our first single of 2019 called “Walking on the Coals of our Fears” this spring! We are putting our plans for a third EP on hold and instead making this the year of singles for us! We have a lot of songs we will be releasing this year! Since we will be spending so much time in the studio, we don’t have any immediately plans to tour, but we hope to get back on the road soon!”

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With all forms of give, there has to be some form of equal take, so although we’re all incredibly thankful for the stream of music, it does, understandably, diminish their tour prospects. But for every artist, their priorities and hopes are different. Some wish to be on the road constantly and others wish to spend most of their time writing, as long as they’re shaping their craft in some way meaningful and constructive, how annoyed can any fan really be?

“That is success for us and everything on top of that is (vegan) gravy, ha! We owe a huge thank you to all of our friends and fans over the years, they have always been amazing and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their love and support!” they said.

And to those loved ones and fans, Astro Lasso says, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping keep the music alive! We love you guys!”


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