The Sweeplings

Getting picked to be on a popular television show is most people’s end goals, their dreams and fantasies, something they’ve been working towards. When they reach it, gold dust will fall from the sky, diamonds will sprout from cracks in the ground, cupids will rest on every cloud in the sky, and your soul mate who is the perfect combination of Mr. Darcy and Indiana Jones will arrive with a bouquet at your doorstep. And even if that doesn’t all magically happen, because the likelihood was so high, it’ll feel like it did, at least that’s what you imagine. But that’s only if being on tv is your last stop.

In this story, it’s the start, the she saw him and he saw her moment, that real life magic. Except, in this real life version, it’s a, his wife saw her, he ignored, she ignored, they relented to each other’s inquiries and that’s when the magic finally happened. The musical magic that is. If you can believe it, later pun intended.

In 2013, Cami Bradley performed on America’s Got Talent where Whitney Dean’s wife spotted her. Credit where credit is do, Dean’s wife was the true visionary to this matching and thank God for her eye, or maybe it was really this soulful composition Cami performed of “Believe” by Cher.

 “Believe” by Cami on America’s Got Talent

But really, their musical journey started a lot earlier. Cami and Whitney were both born into musical families and welcomed with open clefs. The influence and talent they grew up with not only shaped who they were as musicians, but motivated them to continue on in the music industry. One that is known to many to be a ruthless, teeth-searing business, but for Whitney, “The business side is certainly something that takes lots of planning and clear branding to have a realistic shot of getting noticed, and the nuances of how publishing and licensing works can be overwhelming to navigate. But, once you get going and if you surround yourself with good honest people, it all falls in place…The best advance I’ve ever heard is, “Just don’t quit”. So far that has worked.”

I’d have to agree since they’ve released one EP and one full length album to some great acclaim. And, as Cami says, “We are currently writing and recording our next album. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!”

Whether it’s their business savvy or musical inspiration, The Sweeplings are making more than a name for themselves, but a reputation. One of quality music, with lyrics that push you to cry out your heart or run to your freedom, with beats that pump through your legs and roll over your arms. It’s music that’s unstoppable. Just like life, or their creating process.

According to Cami, their writing formula is ever-changing, “Sometimes we start with a story that we tell each other to grasp a theme, sometimes we start with a few chords or a lead line and build upon it, or sometimes we just sing gibberish until something catches. It’s a new experience every time.”


Which would explain the range of the Sweeplings’ music; different inspiration results in different outcomes. And with different outcomes come different songs to match your playlists mood or your aesthetic and your favorite can be ever-changing.

For Whitney, his favorite songs are “”Losing You,” and an unreleased song we are hoping to release soon.”

For Cami, her “favorite song to sing is “Losing You”, my favorite song to listen to is “Sleepwalking” & my favorite song to create was “Drop By Drop”.”

So if you don’t already know The Sweeplings, these three songs might be a good place to start.

The Sweeplings YouTube Page

However, if you are already familiar with The Sweeplings, they have a few words to share with you.

From Cami, “I would love to say THANK YOU! It’s a gift to have people listen to our music and we are so eternally grateful for you. We know there is no way we would be doing this if it weren’t for our old & new fans.”

From Whitney, “A massive thank you, and that we honestly appreciate every second you give our music. Every move we make and decision has you in mind, so we are more grateful for your interest than you know and are blessed to have you along for our journey.”

And to the rest of you, if this your first or last stop on your music journey?


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