Jule Vera

To be haunted by the beauty of a song is a strange and unusual thing. Very rarely is the song as strange and unusual as the feeling it provokes. But, in this instance, throughout the album, listeners find themselves haunted by the melody and the story being weaved, it hovers throughout your day, Ansley Newman’s […]


Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

The South African apartheid government was a brutal and legal form of racism that reigned over the nation for fifty years. However, racism and hierarchical classification systems had existed from the first conquest in the fifteen hundreds. The confusing and complicated history of South Africa, is, for the most part unknown by many present-day students. […]


In Conversation With Icon For Hire

2016 was an eventful year for Icon For Hire. They regrouped after the tragedies of 2015—returned from bankruptcy, record contract disaster, rehabilitation, and the loss of a band member—and created their own production and publicity team for their new album You Can’t Kill Us along with a release tour. If Icon For Hire didn’t have the […]