Daughter of the House by Rosie Thomas

One word: unexpected. In every what way, unexpected. It took an unexpected amount of time for me to finish this book: fault of a rigorous school semester. It took unexpected turns in unexpected places: although followed the pattern at other points. But the end, the end still has me thinking. I finished the last fifty […]



  I like to think of music as the child of musicians. The sound you hear is completely and totally based on the parenting decisions the artists make. How much bass is offered or withheld, do you embellish this noise or that, and what messages should you be upfront about and what should you hold […]


Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

The South African apartheid government was a brutal and legal form of racism that reigned over the nation for fifty years. However, racism and hierarchical classification systems had existed from the first conquest in the fifteen hundreds. The confusing and complicated history of South Africa, is, for the most part unknown by many present-day students. […]