Kyle Federline

Let’s talk about those early years, the beginning stages we all regret as time moves on. When you master the cat-eye, you take selfie after selfie, post on Instagram and snapchat and Facebook and twitter and Tumblr and tinder. Only to realize a couple years later, that wing did nothing to help your style. You […]


“Lemonade” – Beyoncé Visual Album

Simply put, this is the most thorough album to date. Not just of Beyoncé’s, but of every art in mankind. Outrageous yet completely true. Lemonade – Visual Album (Full) There are Beyoncé fans, like me. And then there are die-hard-she-can-do-no-wrong-worship-the-ground-she-steps-on-and-words-she-speaks fans, unlike me. There are people who completely hate Beyoncé and audience members waiting for […]


Icon for Hire

Icon for Hire is a tale of battles, success, and identity. Like many artists and bands, they struggled to find their voice and their place. For Icon for Hire, however, their battles began after they had found success. Founded in 2007, four musicians banded together, literally. It started as a pair, Ariel Bloomer and Shawn […]