Justine Markman and Lynagh

For all those sad souls out there, this one is for you. Two young and heart-wrenching artists are going on tour. With their soulful lyrics and desperate chords playing them through each state, with lyrics that could rip even those cemented shut to shards on the floor, and with their minor progressions that make you […]



Coasts, not a common name among radio stations, but quite common among friend group. People have heard of Coasts, listened to Coasts, haven’t hated Coasts. So they’re not dead, but they’re not necessarily on the incline either. Let’s break them down for a moment. A five-member band from Bristol, England, Coasts definitely knows how to […]


Knox Hamilton

I have a trick question for all of you. What does Boots Copeland, Cobo Copeland, Drew Buffington, and Taylor Flynn all have a common? Knox Hamilton Facebook Page Think about it for a moment. Not names. Not facial hair. Or hair in general. Not body type or names. So what is it that bands these […]