A joint venture between Universal Music Canada and Versus Creative, emerged OFFAIR records, a label focused on intentional listening and mood music. The ambition of the OFFAIR label is to create a deeper experience of their music for their audience. Born from an OFFAIR performance series that occurred at Brooklyn’s Public Records in 2020, where fans connected to a phone free, or nearly phone-free, concert experience, the label came about in wonderment of what music would be when technology is a tool rather than a distraction. What would the industry look like if songs were made not to get caught in a listeners head, but to create pathway outside of it. To escape the world rather than acoustically paint it, that is the mission of OFFAIR records. Artists are flocking to OFFAIR records for that exact ambition. Such as, Pauli the PSM, Oh No, In Flames frontman Anders FridΓ©n, and Niia, to name a few.

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