The Never-Ending tour of gigi

On February 5, 2021, gigi released her breakout song, “Sometimes (Backwood).” As her song accumulated over 86 million listens in the two years since, gigi has accomplished countless shows and live performances. Playing from Coldplay’s show in Tampa to touring with Noah Cyrus this past fall, gigi has been hustling through her breakout. Building momentum with every single, growing a fire from every gig, gigi was ablaze until she finally set the world on fire with her debut album this past April. From the sounds of it, most of which have been in the work since her tour earlier this year with d4vd.

Which she was definitely on fire for, standing in the tangle of the audience, the bright dot of her on stage was anchoring. The passion she pushed through her heavy strumming patterns and strong voice were a whirl of warmth that rushed between every crevice and notch of the bodies rushing the stage. The way in which her words, her music, seemed to bound out of her, fall from her lips, one would think her lyrics were jumping from her tongue, flying to the mic, and attacking the heads of every audience member in the crowd. It was debatable that night if her microphone was even needed. If she was on fire then, her album is on fire now.

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