Charmed by Brooke Alexx

There must be a word that best encapsulates Brooke Alexx’s music and performances: comfortable and energetic, familiar and entertaining, wonderfully fantastical and comedically realistic. There must be a word for it, but if not, I think I’ll sum it down to charming. The way Alexx’s lyrics bounce between those daydreams one has of their ex to the funny symptoms of break-ups will initially pull you in. The way she bounces from stage right to stage left will keep your attention. And the way that Alexx puts to words what you’re always thinking will have you staying for awhile, happily charmed by her.

Starting on TikTok in June of 2019, Brooke Alexx broke into the musical field just in time for the ensuing pandemic years. Six months after her debut album, we were all sequestered to our crevices of the world with nothing to do but listen to music. As the world started breaking down their defenses and the long-term symptom of game shows took hold, we were met with another viewing potential for Alexx: the American Song Contest. Representing her home state of New Jersey, Alexx sung some of her hits like, “I Don’t Take Pictures Anymore,” to the semifinals.

Since the show, and more music, Alexx has signed on to tour with LostBoyCrow this Spring. Starting back in early March, the two have criss-crossed across the states. With a few stops left, even a drop across the pond, Alexx is not done. However, I would not be surprised if the end of this tour means the start of another. If Alexx comes to a venue near you, do not hesitate to purchase those tickets.

Her live performances are enigmatic. I could not remember the last concert I had been to that so rigorously kept to its schedule. Almost to the minute, Alexx is thrown on the stage. Perhaps the immediate cheers were from shock. Perhaps they were a result of hands already pressed out to catch the star. Or perhaps they were because fans already knew what they were in for and the appreciation immediately bounding off of Alexx were enough to get them going. From the first note to the last, from pulling her mother on stage to serenading her friends in the audience, from the backup dancers to the crowd surfing, Alexx had your attention and made sure to keep it. While it seemed Brooke Alexx attracted her own crowd for the show, I’m sure what unfamiliar audience members were there, went home with a new artist in their rotation.

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