D4vd Keeps Me Awake

Most art is some form of a conversation. Stagnant forms do the work of beginning the thoughts and questions for their audiences, animated mediums volley the discussion, and live modes take on the difficult challenge of capturing your focus, of entertaining you while presenting a battery of questions. How does heartbreak feel? Is this just a placebo effect? Who decides our worth? These are all questions presented by the work of d4vd.

These are worthwhile quandaries presented in a comfortable manner from an artist you may feel like you already know. d4vd began his public career by playing Fortnite. After building a profile and following for himself with his gaming videos, d4vd began releasing music in 2021. His song, “Romantic Homicide,” may sound familiar to you; it went viral last year.

This year, d4vd has been touring. Since early February, d4vd has conversed with audiences in Texas to Paris, New York to Toronto. Over the summer, d4vd will be gracing Italy and Australia with his style of conversations.

d4vd’s music can only be equated to a weighted blanket; a wonder of comfort and severity; a warmth that wraps around you and restrains you; burrowed in the hum of his voice but subdued by his words. His stories and quandaries could stop you in your spot. But d4vd’s demeanor begs to differ. Like a kid at a sleepover, as cozy as that blanket is, as sleep tugs at your eyes, as dreams bounce on the edge of your conscious, the beckoning hand of your friend is enough to pull you from the dark into another game, another light, another thing. Between songs, d4vd is that kid. He pulls you into another story, another game, until you see the light climbing on the horizon and you wonder if you were ever truly in the dark or thought you were. Listening to d4vd is a weighted blanket, experiencing d4vd is the sleepover you never want to end.

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