faouzia’s First Tour for “Citizens”

The Citizens album was released on May 19, 2022. On July 15, Faouzia kicked off her first tour in Amsterdam. Then Paris, Berlin, London, Suffolk, Tunisia, Montreal, Egypt, and finally Dubai before Faouzia landed in the states on October 15. Since then, she has been hitting every major city within, and outside, our borders for nearly a month. The final show is scheduled for November 22 in Atlanta, Georgia. Readers still have two weeks to experience the talents of Faouzia before she’s propelled to international stardom like no other.

Faouzia’s Tour Schedule

Before this tour, Faouzia had already built quite a following. With 2 million followers on Instagram, various appearances and brand deals among the fashion world, and a fervent audience throughout the globe, she was not an unknown artist by any means. Yet, with the voice and lyrics that Faouzia has an artist, her first tour being in venues rather than stadiums is still mind-boggling. As well as an opportunity, fans with limited means have the opportunity to see her. Fans with an obsession have the opportunity to see her. This tour is the opportunity for fans to say, “I saw Faouzia before she was big.”

Since big is an eventuality for the artist. There is no ifs, ands, or buts, about it. Faouzia will be an international superstar, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the rise of rock and roll. Perhaps that means we’re due. Perhaps that means we’re unprepared. Perhaps that means that in this world of turmoil, finally something will connect us all: “Habibi (My Love).”

Until then, enjoy the style, the community, and those powerful vocals on this tour. Faouzia has a way of bringing out the brightness and beauty in every fan member. As though she herself were emitting light, spreading it through her tunes, sharing it with us in the darkened pit of crowds, things actually felt lighter listening to her. Watching her, it was a show like no other. A show to remember and carry with you, it is a show that if possible, everyone should see.

Faouzia went through her entire set list during her performance. For over an hour, Faouzia strengthened those of us that were tired, she raised those that were slouching, she gave us smiles. As exhausting and all-encompassing as tours can be, Faouzia’s five month one especially, this tour left me with was a tase for new music. A want for more, a need for more, I can only hope there’s more on its way. Until then, however, I’ll be surviving off the memories of this experience.

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