Shuba and Evangelia Bring the World Together

There was a diverse flare to the Shuba and Evangelia concert. One with appreciation, open-hearts, and a global community stuffed into the intimate New York venue. It was utopia, to say the least. Audiences listened, empathized, and enjoyed their time with each artist as well as each other. There was even a surprise—yet well-organized—engagement in the middle of the show. Not only did it certify the family that was being born in that action, but it christened the community around them. The experience itself was a practice in individuality and support. No matter who you are, where you are from, and whatever your taste in music is, there will always be someone who shares your rhythm. So go out and find it, or listen for it.

Listen to Shuba introduce herself, if you’re not already familiar with her as an artist.

Listen to her vocal prowess; Shuba can scrape the basement of her vocals and fly through the ceiling. She can move between the levels as though an elevator was in place. Recorded, or live, Shuba has a mastery of her voice. One that is capped by her ferocious movement on stage. With every breath, gasp, and growl, there is a kick, a jump, a clasp around herself. Shuba is a performer that is overtaken by herself, by her artistry. Seeing her perform is like watching the purest form of music.

Which was only highlighted by Evangelia’s choreographed and controlled performance, where Shuba let the music sway her, Evangelia pulled it. She swirled it around her ancestral dance moves, pushed it towards the heavens—where her grandma had the best seats—, and passed it between her dancers and partner. There was a balance between the people on stage, the octaves shared, and the energy amongst the fans. Especially when the concert broke out into a dance party on the stage, one would have confused Mercury Lounge for the set of a musical.

While this tour is over, Shuba will be performing at School Night in Hollywood the first week of November. For more tour updates on either artist, click any of the links below.

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