Lauv Takes On Hammerstein Ballroom

Night 2 of Lauv headlining at the Hammerstein Ballroom swiftly made history. Not just for Lauv’s fans and not just by his audience, but by Lauv himself. While still on stage, sometime around the halfway point of the show, Lauv proclaimed that this was the best show of his life. It was a proclamation Lauv continued to make throughout the rest of his performance, after the show across social media platforms, and in interviews that followed days after.


To quote Lauv himself, “Played my favorite show of my life last night. I can’t even explain. I usually get a lil nervous on stage but the amount of loving and accepting energy you guys have given me on this tour has opened me up to an even deeper part of myself than I ever knew and I just wanna keep going forever. I love you. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.”

The crowd clearly loved him back. With every impressive note and belt, the crowd would scream and dance from the first song to the last. Nearly two hours of pure elation bounding from every corner of the three-leveled auditorium. Between guitar solos and vocal medleys, Lauv brought out his entire repertoire and most of his discography. The concert as a whole was nearly four hours long, and the audience could’ve gone all night with the energy being offered and showcased by Lauv on stage that night.

Lauv will be on tour between America and Canada for the rest of September. If he stops in an area near you, it’s a concert you shouldn’t miss. If you’ve already missed your chance, All 4 Nothing, Lauv’s latest album, is a good substitute for the experience. With songs for the lowest lows, highest highs, and the mess in-between, it’s an album for this year and every year after that. It’s an album that was made to last, just like Lauv as an artist and as a performer.

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