Ruth B. at (le) poisson rouge

Cool breezes rushed through New York City last week on the vocals of Ruth B. Riding the soft winds of her metaphorical lyrics, it was as though (le) poisson rouge was the epicenter of Ruth’s whimsical world. New York City was no longer harsh or real, but Mars and a field of dandelions. And Ruth B. is the creator of this world.

This world is a never-ending fall morning. With crunching leaves delicately falling from barren branches and piano keys, with icy winds whipping along your face and against guitar strings, with warms drinks radiating from your hands and Ruth B’s mouth, this world is the creation of artistry and talent. This is the world within Ruth B.

While this world exists within each and every one of Ruth B.’s songs, it also comes to fruition when she’s on stage. The audience is calm and silent, listening to Ruth B. as though they were searching for a creek in the mountains. In one instance, you have to strain ears for the running of water, in the other, you’re being lulled in the direction of crystal-clear music. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Ruth B. had to cancel their upcoming performances.

But their music and world lives on wherever you stream music. Will I meat you in Neverland or with dirty nikes?

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