Piper Page

Do you remember lunchtime? Long and uncomfortable mornings immediately being swiped away by the smiles of your waiting friends crowding around your usual table, the relief that breezed between your lips at the mere sight of them, the exhaustion that blinked from your eyes as you entered the cafeteria, lunchtime was as relaxing as falling asleep and as energizing as a cup of espresso. It was as familiar of a time as it was priceless. It was everything and nothing, wrapped in warmth. It was lunchtime, but it’s now known as Piper Page.

While I had the misfortune of being late to Piper Page’s performance, I still walked into a lunchtime atmosphere. Her husky voice coated her R&B stylings into something soft and familiar. The higher trills connecting her lyrics and verses added something bright to the experience, something light, something new. It was lunchtime. For everyone involved, audiences were breathing deeper and seemed to be floating out of their seats. Page’s performance had separated us from the world outside of her stage. It was no longer Sunday night, with the workweek’s anxieties caving in. We were no longer in the center of downtown Manhattan, surrounded by pandemic and violent fears. Nothing could touch us other than the friendly tunes of Page. As Page’s performance drew to a close, I felt myself wishing for one more song, one more bubble, one more jazzy rhythm.

Thankfully, Page already has seven songs available on streaming platforms and fans can watch out for her forthcoming EP. Fingers crossed that it’s available sometime in September, but until then, have lunchtime anytime by streaming Piper Page now.

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