Lime Cordiale at the Bowery Ballroom

The flavor of the night was more than lime. It was a sour shock to the squished shoulders of the audience, a refreshing quench to the drenched throats of screaming fans, it was a night that was as tart in energy as it was in musical flavor. Lime Cordiale didn’t just serve up a delicious performance, but a dish that was much more than their namesake. With comedic interludes, story times, and introductions to each and every band member, Lime Cordiale created a taste that was all their own.

For over an hour and a half, Oli and Louis Leimbach—brothers and the frontmen of Lime Cordiale—led fans in a disarray of jumping joy. Their sardonic summer vibes were the cure for every fan’s Friday night. Whether people were dancing away their stress, their relief at the week’s final end, or even their day’s exhaustion, whatever the feeling may be, it was shaken away to the rhythm of “Inappropriate Behavior” or “I Touch Myself.”


Not to mention the raw note of Lime Cordiale’s live performance, it had this warm edge that isn’t captured in their studio recordings. It brings a whole other audible quality to their music that raises the emotional gains of their lyrics. Rather than, “It’s just inappropriate behavior,” a somewhat nonchalant recording, it becomes,

It’s just inappropriate behavior
To put those ideas in your head
Any way to sway you in her favor
Madness is the love that I’m gonna get (Lime Cordiale, 2020).

The lyrics are as bitter as the richness of the voices that deliver them. Masked by the sweet tunes of the guitar, clarinet, trombone player, bassist, and the flutter of the drums, Lime Cordiale’s live performance is a dessert not worth passing up. If there is only one concert to experience this year, I’d recommend a slice of Lime Cordiale.

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