The Festival of Catie Turner

Catie Turner has been on the road for about seven months. Since signing on to open for Faouzia’s American debut, back in November, Turner has opened, headlined, and performed across the Northeast. By mere chance, and as written about previously, I was a fan in two of Turner’s opening performances. As brilliant as I personally find this opening tactic to be, the proof is already in the pudding, or performance, so to speak.

Starting with Faouzia, who pulled a more eccentric and global audience, Turner performed then for a bulging crowd at the Bowery Ballroom. Less than a month later, Turner headlined her own intimate show in Brooklyn. And two months after that, Turner signed on to the, “I’ll Be With You” tour across America with Valley. This performance stopped at Irving Plaza in New York, an arguable step-up in size of venue and audience to the Bowery. In June, Turner was hitched to the Léon tour through the states. This time, her vocals reached more than double the crowds at Irving Plaza or the Bowery. Brooklyn Steel is a musical warehouse of sorts, perched in the depths of Brooklyn. As fans trickled in with their drinks and cameras, joyously waiting for Léon, Turner lulled them into her world of emotional tidal waves and scheming stepmoms. One could already see fans searching Turner’s Instagram page after her performance, wanting more of the festival of Catie Turner.


Currently, there aren’t any more performances scheduled. However, I’ve said that before and been quickly mistaken. For now, though, one can still reminisce in the memories with the release of “Step Mom.” A glorious break-up or power song to get one through the roughest of days or relationships. With one single already floating in the world, I think it would be safe for fans to start hoping for more singles or maybe an album soon. Perhaps the next time the Catie Turner festival takes place, Turner will be the only headliner in sight.

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