Magic Giant at Rockwood Music Hall

Magic Giant turned back the clock with their recent performance in New York City. Less than a month before the first shutdown, Magic Giant was headlining with American Authors at Webster Hall. Three days ago, they picked-up where they left off at Rockwood Music Hall.

It was like a family reunion, comfortable and constricted. Songs began as though they were conversations that never ended. The venue filled passed the point of comfort, like many family events, and the audience became a choir for that favorite family story, singing every lyric as though it were a punchline. While many fans wore masks during the performance, one could hear their smiles throughout the concert. Furthermore, one could hear the audience over the amps. It’s a safe bet that pedestrians outside of the venue got a free concert, while fans got a family.

The concert reinstated a community that was thought to be lost. Or forgotten, at the very least, with Magic Giant bordering the events of the last three years with their performances, they have sewn back a part of our lives. Songs that make us happy, songs that make us dance, friends we didn’t know where there, and a bridge between timelines are all of the takeaways from Magic Giant’s intimate show.

Not to mention some of the concert favorites that Magic Giant tends to pull out for their live performances, such as, wading into the crowd for “Jesse’s Song,” some choreographed acrobats for other songs, and some full form dance moves with the audience. Considering the energy of Magic Giant shows, it is more than impressive that the band was able to pull off such a successful performance in such tight quarters.

A Magic Giant show was just what the doctor ordered post-pandemic. While many New Yorkers are already ordering seconds, parts of California have yet to be served. In the next week, Magic Giant will be appearing in Grass Valley and San Francisco. The week after commences Camp Misfits.

If none of the aforementioned options work for you, The Valley, Magic Giant’s latest album is just a month old. With a quality that feels live, playing the album on repeat may even convince a listener that they’re there. And while one is listening, perhaps another tour will announced. One can never have enough helpings of Magic Giant.

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