I’ll Be With You Tour, Valley Charging Through the States

In less than a week, Valley has mastered familiarity. Like the favorite sweater you wear throughout winter, the soft pleats can only be synonymous with the air between patrons at Valley concerts. Respectful, joyous, in tempo, the audience at Irving Plaza reflected the calm of the artists. That is not to say that the performance was at all exhausted, it just wasn’t manic. It was the perfect post-pandemic energy. It was familiar.

Karah James, drummer and back-up vocalist for Valley

Even though much of the music performed by Valley is on the newer end, the crowd didn’t disappoint when it came to studying their lyrics. Perhaps it was a result of the long build-up the pandemic mandated or perhaps it was the genius offering of lyrics on social media, whatever the case may be, Valley’s current tour is a collaboration. Between bandmates, between venues, between fans, and that is an experience that follows the ‘seeing is believing’ philosophy. Some of the most recent concerts, the first of a reopening world, have been socially odd. People seem to be forgetting that others appear around them and aren’t ethereal projections. Flipping hair into each others’ faces, dancing into each others’ gates, the only thing I haven’t seen is full-contact moshing. But at Valley’s performance that wasn’t a real issue. It could be a result of the timing of this tour, but I believe it to be more an answer to the energy of the performance.

Michael Brandolino, guitarist to the left and Rob Laska, lead vocalist and guitarist to the right

Down to the singular lyric of a song, Valley embodies familiar. From songs that focus around 1999 to forgotten exes, even their music hugs you. On days you don’t want to do more or for days that need to change, Valley’s discography is the perfect fit. Or, to put it in their own words, “We can change the tempo.”

Valley’s Instagram

Valley will be touring through the states until mid March. It’s not a performance you’ll want to miss and just might be the perfect fit for one’s first post-covid concert.

Valley’s Upcoming Performances

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