Griff’s Debut American Tour

There are many things that Griff fans agree on. The principal of which being, that Griff’s debut tour is not one to miss. Fans from all over New York City, and the world, flocked to The Bowery Ballroom not once, but twice, for Griff’s shows. There was a fan from Chile. There were fans from Monday night’s performance, fans from a Spotify discovery the day before, and fans from the original premiere of the “Say It Again” music video. They were all lined up in the freezing cold an hour before the doors open, “It’s the only time we’ll be able to afford to see her,” they said.

And if Griff’s performance proves anything, her next trip to New York will be at Rockefeller Center. While Griff’s American footprint is growing, as an international artist, she had a similar experience as Faouzia did when she debuted in the states. For instance, Griff won the Rising Star award at the BRIT awards in 2021, performed on numerous late night shows, has over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and is touring through smaller venues in America. That math doesn’t quite add up.

However, the symptoms of our isolationist practices allow for fans like me to experience Griff without breaking the budget. My voice, however, another story. I, along with everyone else thawing out at the venue, screamed every lyric to every song on Griff’s discography. Including the most recent single, “Head on Fire,” which is usually a duet with Sigrid. This time it was with a chorus of passionate amateurs reaching for the stage. It’s a testament to Griff’s vocals though, that rather than sounding like a classroom of kids repeating the pledge of allegiance, there was music.

Griff has such a unique voice. And that was highlighted by the live experience in a way that a recording is unable to capture, there’s a sultry element that flows through the lower keys into her soprano range. For that reason alone, I would recommend catching Griff as she tours the country. As a bonus, you’ll be able to socialize with fellow fans, witness the electricity of Griff on stage, and have an overall dynamic time.

Griff’s Official Website

If you can’t make the tour, you can still show your support by voting for Griff in the upcoming award season. Griff has two nominations for this year’s BRIT awards: Best New Artist and Best Pop/R&B Act. Click the following link from your mobile phone to vote.

Nominees for the BRIT Awards 2022

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