Faouzia at The Bowery Ballroom

Faouzia is a clear example of the isolationist nature of the music industry in America. For instance, at the concert, I kept hearing fans say things along the lines of, “This is just a stepping stone,” or “She’ll make it.” I had to try not to laugh when they would say, “She’s indie, unknown, making a name for herself.” Because she has made it, and it’s pretty ridiculous how Americans believe that if they don’t know the artist, then they’re not famous. While it’s not entirely a fan-based fault, since the business aspect reflects that ideology. Faouzia performed her first show in New York City in a small venue rather than Madison Square Garden because the business of music reflects the overgrown egos of American industry.


But let’s break-down Faouzia’s career for a second to show how ludicrous some of these statements were. She has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, over 3 million on Spotify. Faouzia was just named a Chanel ambassador and walked in a recent show. Over a year ago, she collaborated with John Legend on a single. And, to top it off, Faouzia has sold out huge venues in France and Canada. So let me pose this, how much higher can she get?

Faouzia performing at The Bowery Ballroom (11/18/21)

The irony of this situation is highlighted by the belting of lyrics the audience did during Faouzia’s performance. Every lyric to every song was screeched proudly by her fans. So the same people that say she hasn’t made it yet are proof to the contrary. But beside that point, the Faouzia concert was charged. As it was her first concert in New York City, the uniqueness of this opportunity intoxicated the audience. The chorus of fans, was, at times, louder than Faouzia’s vocals. And if you know the strength of Faouzia’s vocals, with the addition of a speaker system, that’s saying something.

Faouzia seems to be teasing something across her platforms, I’d recommend keeping an eye out for her next performance.

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