The Olivia O’Brien Show Tour

Olivia O’Brien made a lot of promises to start her show. One of which included, “A live animal demonstration.” With that one exception, however, O’Brien more than followed through with her performances on the The Olivia O’Brien Show tour at Webster Hall this past weekend. They were magnetic. From the stage through the crowd, the electricity was nearly visible. 

A current of which, sparks from the perfectly blended setlist: high-energy pop songs infused with sultry R&B ballads, not to mention the addition of, “The best pop song ever written,” as O’Brien put it. A.K.A. “Your Love Is My Drug,” by Ke$ha nearly brought down the house, or the balcony, that is. The audience knew the lyrics so well, and so feverishly, it was as though a sad boy choir took over the space. But the audience maintained that energy throughout the show. From “Tequilawine,” to “We Lied To Each Other,” it was as though the concert was karaoke on steroids. 

Olivia O’Brien

It helped that O’Brien was clearly enjoying herself back on stage. Not only did she talk to the audience, as well as sass her fans, but O’Brien partied with them. Catharticly dancing her heart out to “Josslyn,” and “Complicated,” it was a musical release everyone needed post-shutdown. O’Brien was originally scheduled to perform in New York City only a few days before the first lockdown took effect. And as sad, and prudent, as the previous cancellation was, it may have been an unforeseen benefit. This tour had a huge discography to pick from since Was It Even Real was released in April of 2019. Since its release, O’Brien fans have been listening to the album nonstop for two years. It made the concert all the more impactful and enjoyable. 

O’Brien is currently still on tour. With stops in Pennsylvania and Canada, to mention a few, click here to learn if she’s coming to a city near you.

Olivia O’Brien and fans

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