Art In Your World is now on Patreon!

After a few years of growing this site, it’s time to take the next step. A few patreon members would help support the site’s financial requirements while continuing to grow its reach on other platforms. In an effort to be honest with you all that have followed and supported the site loyally, I want to break down some of the costs in a brief manner.

The first of which being the actual cost of the WordPress membership and domain control, together, the two cost more than $300 a year.

The secondary cost is the means to an article’s end, A.K.A. the occasional book purchase and concert tickets. While I do receive a few press passes and galleys now-and-then, some still require a good amount of financial means to maintain.

Finally, as we all move into a post-pandemic world and things start to pick back up again, who’s to say where pricing will fall when the market regulates. Not just that, however, but I am also moving into a life project with some more financial restraints. While I would like to keep this site going and growing as it has this past year, the current financial requirements might be too much.

So AIYW now has a Patreon with various tiers and benefits, such as stickers and posters and extra content. Please go check it out now!

Become a Patron!

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