Billie Eilish by Billie Eilish

This book is a reminder that fame doesn’t change age. While Billie Eilish is an incredibly lyricist and performer, her skill for writing seems to be her downfall. Now let me assure readers that this is not a critique of her, but an acknowledgement that an 18 year old girl may not know what to say of her life yet. Let alone a life as crazy as Billie Eilish’s, so for that reason I’ll ease up on the critique of this.

But, from a consumption and publishing standpoint, this book is a rip off. This collection of memories is more of a family project that somehow made it to the general public. In these 350 pages, maybe 50 are written by Billie, 50 by her parents, and 250 of just photos. It’s almost like a coffee table book priced as a novel.

Also, if you’re huge Billie aficionado, you won’t learn anything from this book. It’s just an awkward collection of random moments that don’t build to anything. If you want to know how Billie composes, you’ll learn more watching her old interviews on YouTube. Additionally, her Instagram page is more intimate than this book.

Not to keep this review short and sweet, but there just isn’t that much to say about 100 pages. If you want to add this book to your collection, then maybe the twenty bucks will be worth it. As it stands now, I think everyone should wait twenty years for the next iteration of this story. There will probably be more to say then.

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