Blü Eyes Shifts perceptions one track at a time

The only, and unforeseen, benefit of this pandemic, is society’s shifting perceptions. Before such, society treated the arts as a loving hobby, without the respect that comes with such occupations as entrepreneurship or medicine. After the fact, books, music, movies, all the things that people only ever expected but never appreciated, became the foundation of our sanity. Where would any of us be now without artists like Blü Eyes, 9 months into the pandemic and mostly relegated to sedentary activities?

Having released 11 singles already this year, most of which include a variety of remix options, Blü Eyes has kept this pandemic interesting. Whilst we can’t eagerly await concert dates or movie lines, we can set our clocks to Blü Eyes’ releases. When asked what her recent spur of production has meant to her, personally and professionally, Blü Eyes said, “It’s been terrifying but so incredibly rewarding. Especially to see how many people have listened to it so far – the numbers aren’t crazy by any means but I’m just so grateful to see people connecting with music that means so much to me. I’ve put more of myself into this new stuff than anything I’ve ever made before, so it feels incredible to see it be well-received.”

And it doesn’t stop there, according to Blü Eyes, there is more on the horizon. “Yes! I’m making an album! It’s like 95% done and will be released next year 🙂 I will probably release another single or two before dropping the whole album, but I’m very very excited about it,” said Blü Eyes.

While we may be thankful for artists like her, she is thankful for the arts and her boyfriend. “Honestly, making my album. It’s kept me engaged in a project with a specific goal, allowed me to challenge myself, and have fun. Also, I would be 100% insane were I not quarantining with my boyfriend. He’s so level-headed and positive all the time – really helps bring me back to the moment,” said Blü Eyes.

With the chaos that has been 2020, we all need that gravitational pull in our lives. One that not only shifts our perceptions, but also our priorities, where some of us lack those particular relationships, celebrities step in.

Blü Eyes said, “I feel like this year has just been the year of undoing self-centeredness, in a lot of ways. On social media, I’ve seen artists with large platforms (like Lizzo, Finneas, Maggie Rogers, etc) really stepping up and showing the world the importance of using your voice to look out for others and speak out about issues that are important. I’ve also seen all the craziness of this year inspire songs that are about more than just partying and having fun and feeling confident – they’re about looking out for each other and staying positive, and the need for justice. Overall I feel like this year has shown the responsibility we have as musicians to reflect our culture and contribute positively to it, not just sit back and make everything about ourselves.”

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