Sub-Radio in the Music Race

Sub-Radio translates universal sensations into infectious music. Taking our unique 2020 frustrations into mind, they created “Instincts.” Breathing life into society’s lost romanticism, they produced, “Dreamcatcher.” And for grooving to one’s own strength, they wrote, “What Are We.” All of which were shaped for people’s moments in mind, to quench anyone’s and everyones’ emotional thirst with their musical cocktails.

Six childhood friends from Washington D.C. comprise the group. Although they were on a burgeoning journey up the industry mountain prior to Covid, the pandemic has not slowed their role much. Adam Bradley, the lead vocalist of Sub-Radio and one of the founding members said, “You feel a little guilt phrasing it this way, but if anything we’ve been thriving in 2020. Pretty much every plan we had at the start of the year went out the window (touring, SXSW, our recording/release schedule) so we just started improvising. We launched a TikTok and a Patreon, extended our release schedule, started creating an absolute boatload of content, and finally tried live-streaming on Reddit which has really taken off and expanded our reach. Personally it’s been as challenging for us as for anyone; several of us live with parents or relatives and health has become a major stressor and challenge for the band to overcome as we try to still meet and write and record. But we’ve all got our own little hobbies and things we’ve developed to keep us sane.”

One can only assume writing music is a shared obsession amongst the guys from their output rate. In late August of 2020, they released their second EP, Thoughts Lights Colors Sounds. And since then, they’ve released single versions of 3 lead tracks from the album. Not only that, but according to Matt Prodanovich—another founding member and one of the guitarist for the band—there is more afoot. Prodanovich said, “We are currently discussing what’s next for us! We had to toss out all of our plans this year and are just now hitting the drawing board again.  What I can tell you is that we have around 10 tracks that we’re really excited about and we will definitely be releasing at least a few of them in 2021. (fingers crossed we can make another tour happen as well!)”

As they try to plan around these unprecedented variables, the keep-busy mindset may not only be effective but also, slightly disheartening. When asked what it means to be a musician in 2020, Bradley said, “Impossible question! Just kidding. But it’s hard. For us it’s meant churning out a ton of creative content for the internet, which can be kind of draining and soul-deadening since you never really get feedback from real living human beings. But it’s forced us to take some risks and utilize everybody’s talents, and I think it’s made us a much better band.”

2020 seems to be a test for the musical; a survival of the melodies or race for the harmonies. There may be no winners in 2021, but there will be a distinction between those that endured and those that thrived. As Sub-Radio nears the golden tier, Prodanovich wants to acknowledge those cheering on the sidelines.

To the fans, Prodanovich said, “Thank you for hanging with us through this tough year.  It hasn’t been easy for any of us.  We’re unbelievably grateful for each and every one of you and can’t wait to play some music for you in person.  In the meantime tune in to our Reddit live-streams on r/redditsessions to catch a few sets!”

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