Benjamin Carter’s New Habits

Blending genres is nothing new, but incorporating them all is nearly unheard of. That is, until Benjamin Carter repurposed traditional aspects from each genre to create an audio smoothie all his own. Carter uses rhythmic rock beats, electronic layers, traditional strumming patterns, and soulful vocals to create his sound.

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A sound, one could say, that has been simmering for 24 years. Carter grew up in a musically-inclined family and the music never really died off. As Carter got older, music accompanied him through life’s expectations. His first real job, his marriage, the birth of his first child, music was there for all of it.

Even 2020, the survival year for the record books had music accompanying Carter. Carter said, “We’ve been surviving by our friends and family honestly. We moved out here and were blessed enough to have a strong community through jobs and church and they’ve really kept us afloat in some of the hard times and have also been there to celebrate in the great ones.”

Luckily for us all, 2020 is crawling to a close. But not before Carter’s next release. On October 22, Carter will be releasing “Bad Habits.” Carter said, “I wrote it about a year ago, and it’s a song about confession, addiction and really a cry out for help. And professionally equally as much the same. I’ve always wanted to write music that feels very raw and authentic in the lyrics and I feel like I was able to really do that with this one.”

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Although we will not be gifted Carter’s full EP this year due to the world imploding, we will have another thing to look forward to in the changing of years. Carter said, “Working on finishing up vol. 2 of my EP self portrait wanted to have the whole record out this year but I’m excited to share it in 2021 with a couple new songs I wrote in the middle of quarantine.”

Moving into the new year has never been so anticipated. However, writing the wish list for time is getting longer by the day. But for today, Carter has a message for all of his preexisting and future fans, “I’m extremely grateful for the fans that have been there cheering me on even though I still have no idea what I’m doing especially in 2020! But I’m grateful that they have been so kind and faithful and I’m excited to share the music that’s been on my mind through it all — so thank you!”

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