More Myself by Alicia Keys

This may be the healthiest biography I have ever read. And that’s saying something considering the amount of memoirs I read.

As interesting and intimate as biographies tend to be, they are also physical excuses. Riddled with brush-offs and shy-aways, most biographies overlook anything uncomfortable for the sake of the author.

However, Alicia Key’s biography doesn’t relinquish her from the work of the past, it explores it. How her identity evolved from the kid in Times Square to the musician and mother she is, her role in nonprofits and social movements, she explores everything.

Owning up to her own humanity and evolution, Keys explores how her character changed. Most of us prefer to think that we never change, that our personalities are stagnant and stubborn. Rather than believe ourselves to be our own form of sun, with rays shooting and changing every millisecond of our lives, people prefer to think they age like rocks. That is, except for Alicia Keys, who went pretty routinely on pilgrimages to discover inner peace and more of herself. Aptly titled, huh?

For anyone in personal transition, professional changes, or mental discovery, this book is a model for exploration. It’s about being open-minded. You never know where insight will come or where enjoyment will rise. If anything, More Myself is a testament to that idea of self-discovery. It being focused on Alicia Keys is just an incredible bonus.

But this story is for fans of Alicia Keys or for fans of psychology. It’s not a lone interest or solo tale. With multiple facets, anyone can be carried away by the reminiscense of Alicia Keys and inserts of Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama. Very few stories have the ability to draw in such a wide audience like this book, and for that reason, I highly recommend anyone to read it.

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