Filipa’s School of Thought

Although the pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, students have been affected more than most. Students lost their stability and expectations. In a time of routine opportunity, when students are wondering about the things they will learn, the people they will meet, the opportunities they will come across, screens seem to be the only option.

For Filipa, a graduating student from Harvard with musical plans for the summer, one could say the pandemic wiped her future clean. “Since canceling these plans, I got to complete my semester online and have been recording, writing, and creating content online too. It’s been something new to adjust to, but I’m really fortunate that I still get to create even if it’s all done online,” said Filipa.

But with a clean slate, comes numerous opportunities. Such as the chance to create, which is exactly what Filipa did. This Friday, August 28, she will be releasing her new single, “Do Something.” It’s a luxury sound for an active message. It is a romantic-take-action tale. And who doesn’t love someone that takes charge?

“Do Something” Filipa from Apple Music

Of her hopes for the song, Filipa said, “I really hope that people love it and enjoy listening to it! It’s always a very exciting thing to release new music, and I think all that a musician really hopes for is for the public to love what they put out. I just want to share what I love and, hopefully, it resonates with people.”

Although I can relate to that lackluster crush story entwined in “Do Something,” I’m sure I’m not the only one. Fantasies are built-off actions not taken. And who doesn’t have a fantasy they retreat to or two-hundred to dream about? So maybe we should all take Filipa’s advice and “Do Something.”

But that’s not the only advice she has to offer. Filipa also said, “My music is my way of expressing myself and my feelings, and I hope that it can inspire others to express themselves too. I think so many people are afraid to stand up and speak up about their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. It’s important for me to be able to lead by example and not be afraid to do so, in hopes that it somehow encourages others (no matter how big or small) to speak up,”

Whether you’re a fan or a student of Filipa’s school of thought, she wanted to say, “Thank you. It’s crazy to put into words what it means to have undying support from fans, but I truly appreciate it with all my heart. Thank you for believing in me and my voice. I hope that I continue to make you proud.”

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