Alt Bloom

Alt Bloom has redefined alternative. Rather than being slightly different than the mainstream or nearer to the indie end’s than the classics, Alt Bloom has shaped his own barometer. Or, as he put it, “I’m gonna do music that I think is cool and that I enjoy.”

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For many musicians and artists out there, they produce for one of two reasons: for the audience or for themselves. Creating for one’s audience has an inept ability to backfire, instead of resonating with fans or potential fans, they come across as fake or insincere. Creating for one’s self allows for listeners to bond with musicians, to find common ground between verses.

Although the self-serving motivation tends to fair better amongst listeners, clearing others opinions or ideas from one’s mind is easier said than done. We’re all influenced. Nearly every second of everyday, there is a notification from social media, a trend going viral, an artist rising on the charts, staying away from it all would require living under a rock. The next best option might be the social distancing resulting from the pandemic.

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An unforeseen positive from this mostly negative situation. “[Covid] affects everything: where I live, tour plan, even a new perspective on who I am and where I came from. It’s been nice without the LA effect,” Bloom said.

But that wasn’t the only surprising benefit from Covid and the shut down. Bloom, among many others, also got the chance to enjoy oneself. Rather than working day-in and day-out as the human race is named for, people are relaxing. Going for walks, laying by the river, swimming among the waves, “I just embody love yourself and love the outdoors as well,” said Bloom.

IMG_4884Bloom followed up with, “Love yourself by being in the outdoors.” Something we hear a lot of these days, more or less. To appreciate the outdoors, Mother Nature, the planet that gives us life, care for it and it will care for you.

As much we hear that though, we very rarely hear it in a musical sense. We don’t hear artists using that in their work, but stating it outside of their work. Alt Bloom, however, personifies Mother Nature in his lyrics. From creating the sense of home through common descriptors such as, “Watching leaves thinking maybe,” in his song “Call it Home,” or “Pulling over on the freeway/Sunset dripping over LA,” from “West Coast.”

Alt Bloom’s appreciation for Mother Nature isn’t just a selfless message, but a partnership of sorts. If you treat Mother Nature well, she shall treat you in the same way. Not just in the harvesting of fruits and vegetables way, but in the timeless way. She surpasses all of us, in the same way that we all try to live past our mortal bonds.

And Alt Bloom has the same aspirations as her, “I want a message that lives on. Lives beyond my years. I would love headlining and Coachella, but I want to make music that reaches beyond, to make music that impacts and interactions that mean something.”

Until then, however, when none of us may be around to verify those ambitions, all we can do is live for today. As Alt Bloom said, “Keep your heads up! I think that right now, there are a lot of beautiful things going on. Really try and love and understand your neighbor. Clash of culture, cause everyone can talk to anyone. I think people lack compassion in their interactions. Listen and walk them through to the lens of compassion rather than the lens of defense.”



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