Moving to Marina City

Music has always been a key piece in discovering one’s bigger picture, a corner piece, if you will. Building off of rock harmonies and cathartic lyrics, one can discover more than the bands they do or do not like. One can uncover the emotions played out of them, the communities that surround them, even the person they want to be. All of which are the vital principles of Marina City and their music.

Marina City YouTube Page

“Empowerment,” Ryan Argast—lead vocalist for the band—said, “feeling empowered. Our music can be pretty emotional and flaunting and sexy. We want you to dance and have a great time.” Dancing is something that is unavoidable with their unique mix of pop beats with hard rock influences.

Concerts then become more than entertainment, they become musical therapy. Something Argast hints to when he says, “Our best thing is being a live band.”

iQD63xzgSadly, with the world as it is these days, concert therapy isn’t the most practical option. However, that does not mean that Marina City has forfeited their mental health conscious approach to music. “Something that bothers me is, that at times, people think being emo and depressed is cool. Like it’s some sort of arms race. We try to use our music to talk about how we got out of it or how we’re trying to get better.”

Although replacing concerts with streams from our beds hasn’t been the easiest of transitions, it may be the healthiest one of quarantine. But supporting or listening to Marina City also supports their mission for equality. Argast said, “A lot of the people we work with, around us and our team, we use whatever platform we have in some sense to give opportunities to people that don’t normally get that opportunity.”

Everyone’s story is different and everyone’s chance to share that story is different. We learn more and more everyday about how common place activities, opportunities, and conversations are not as they seem. And music is no different.

“This is a difficult point and this is hard to understand, but it is temporary like everything. A year ago you were going through something that you thought you’d never get out of. You’re here today because you defeated it and now it seems so trivial. We survived it just like we survive every set back that comes our way. And Marina City is here to entertain you throughout, the entire time. We have so many things to get you through. Reach out to us. Marina City isn’t just the five us, it’s all of us, if one person is hurting, we’re all hurting,” Argast said.

Marina City is a model for a community, a country, and a world. It started with Argast, Matthew Gaudiano, Todor Birindjiev, Eric Somers-Urrea, and Aaron Heiy. Now it’s grown to you, me, and everyone else in the crowd.

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