Paper Jackets Curve with the Pandemic

As dependent as one’s situation or inspiration is to creation, creation is not independent of appreciation. A lesson that was never as relevant as it was for Paper Jackets and their most recent release, “What They Call Life.” Published across streaming platforms in late March, the lyrics, the video, all of production occurred days, even years before the pandemic.

But now, “The song took on a whole new meaning since the pandemic hit and I hope whoever watches it during stay at home orders can find some joy in their day. The video was shot in New York of a dancer twirling through the streets of Brooklyn and around the city alone.  The social distancing aspect of the video was completely unintentional as it was filmed prior, but the song has taken on that meaning of being in this together, but alone,” said Aimee Proal, one of the lead vocalists of the band.

“What They Call Life” Video

Even without the visual metaphors, the lyrical ones have also shifted during this time: “Young enough to know/That my heart’s strong/Old enough to know/That my love still carries on/Through the burn, and the cold, and the rain/Enough to know that/Not a damn thing’s changed.” Right now, to me, it’s a lyrical mosaic of our community. It’s the pessimistic, the optimistic, and the connection that will never go away.

Although our connections might be stretched more than we would like at this time, no concerts or tours or meet & greats, Proal hopes they will continue a touring schedule as soon as it becomes a safe possibility for all. “Until then it will be creative ways to interact with our audience from home… and we’re still releasing our music as planned,” and who knows how much of their music will curve with the pandemic.

Their new releases might be like personalized mood elevators, which would be quite a success for Proal. She said, “I personally used to look for approval in this industry way too much and the most freeing thing was realizing that was something I didn’t need.  Things started to line up once that ideology was let go.  We’re here for the music at the end of the day and if we can be successful enough to play to people every night and provide a good time and do it all as friends that’s more than we could ask for.”

Hopefully those good times we’ll be some time soon. “We’re so excited to see you all again hopefully in 2020. We can have a pizza party! We love you guys and if you haven’t already please follow us on our socials to stay up to date on our releases. We are so grateful for each and everyone of you!” Proal said.

Some of their social medias will be linked below so you can all stay up to date with their curve.

Paper Jackets Facebook Page

Paper Jackets Instagram

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