Van Pletzen: The Civil Engineers of Music

While the rest of us search for new bond to tide us while we’re apart, Van Pletzen has been building bridges longer than any of us. With differences from language to culture to keep them apart, the duo proves how strong and common music is.

Comprised of Peach and Nik Nax, Van Pletzen have been producing smooth psychedelic songs regularly since 2015. Splitting the lyrics between Afrikaans and English, the duo strives on the harmony and melody to speak to their fans. Because, as we all know and have all experienced during this time, music is one of the strongest ties out there.

“It is one of the many beautiful gifts that music has to offer,” said Peach, “and it is very rewarding when one’s music can benefit or help someone else in any way, shape or from.”

Van Pletzen YouTube Channel

A message that is clearly the driving force behind the work. Rather than focusing on the fame or success, their concentration is right where it’s supposed to be, on the music. Peach said, “We don’t care about fame or equate being famous to being successful.  For us success is when people listen to our music and if that music means something to them and has a positive impact on their lives.”

If Van Pletzen’s music speaks to you, you might already know that their duo stands for “Legehness, Love, positivity and grootness!” as told by Peach.

However, if you’re not yet too familiar with Van Pletzen and the stay-at-home order has prevented your musical exploration, then the duo can relate. When asked about how the pandemic has effected their plans, Peach said, “We have lost or have had to reschedule over 12 shows already including our show at Melkweg in Amsterdam which has now been moved to August.”

But if there was ever a band made to thrive in this crisis, it would be Van Pletzen.

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